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Since its founding, AmeriSciences’® goal has been simple: to provide doctor-recommended nutritional solutions that deliver unparalleled results because they are manufactured under the strictest pharmaceutical controls, and developed using a clinically-based philosophy.

After acquiring the brand in 2013, Nugevity has stayed true to that goal, expanding research interests while also forging a transformative, ethical corporate philosophy and market approach.

Our commitment is evidenced by our joint research with entities such as NASA, The Johnson Space Center, and world-class academic institutions. Recently, some of these investigative endeavors have generated considerable media attention and hope for human kind in the quest to combat the effects of radiation. This, we hope, will mitigate the deadly effects of nuclear accidents and oxidative stress here on earth, while also enabling humans to further pioneer and explore the exciting mysteries of space - all with the use of safe nutritional products and plant-derived antioxidants.

Further indication of our quality development and production standards is our focus on a pharmaceutical model of development, production and quality control. Unlike dietary supplements, manufacturing practices for the drug industry have been established and enforced for decades. AmeriSciences® pharmaceutical grade products are highly reliable, and bring an unsurpassed sense of consumer confidence. These pharmaceutical manufacturing standards represent but one of the several components that make up AmeriSciences’® Total Quality System. From our Manufacturing Qualification Program, to our unmatched tablet dissolution, our products are of exceptional quality.

We look forward to sharing our future discoveries with you.

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Margaret S.


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Darlene A.

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Keith R.


“Our family has taken the women’s multi and men’s multi vitamins for years.  We believe that these vitamins are essential to our continued health, along with diet and exercise.”


Margie C.